Social Events – Consultation 30min




When you call us, you get our full premium range of event services, cultivated over 30 years of dedicated service to our clients throughout the world. Our experienced party planners make the details of your next corporate party, company picnic, company anniversary, or holiday party easy and manageable. We’re proud to bring our wealth of experience to your next event.


The Introduction packages are meant to provide you with some basics to start your party planning:

You will receive:

– You will have 30 minutes with one of our professional party planners to help you assess what you need to make you party a success.

– An initial intake questionnaire that our professional party planners use to get a feel for what type of event and idea they have to plan for.

– Planning checklist.

– Supplier type list.

– 10 tips to make your party one will not forget.

NOTE: Additional discounts can be applied in case of ordering more packages.